Cat Patrol!



Del Norte has a four legged problem:  A population explosion of feral (wild) cats. 


Did you know?  An unsprayed female, her mate and all her offspring with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total 11,800 cats in five years time and in nine years the cat population can total 11,600,000!   

 Visit for more information.


Solution:  Capture, spay & neuter – it’s a humane and timely solution since spring time is breeding time! 

Your neighbors are starting a capture, spay/neuter & release program with assistance from AZCats, an organization dedicated to work “in partnership with communities and in collaboration with other organizations to eliminate cat overpopulation through non-lethal methods.”  To learn more about this non-profit organization, visit their website at 


Be part of the solution:  Donations are needed to help defray the costs of the spay/neuter services.  AzCATs is fortunate to work with a few vets in the valley that provide low cost spay/neuter services, however even with their partnership with these local vets, on average the surgeries cost their organization $35-$55 per cat. 


Any donation large or small will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors and the feral cats as well, who will be part of a stable and healthier colony. 


All donations will be recorded and accounted for with information/updates posted on the Del Norte website. 


Sign up to “Sponsor a Del Norte Feral Cat” at or contact Wendy Franz via E-mail at 


Checks should be made payable to:  AZCats.  Your donation may be tax deductible, contact your tax advisor to confirm.


15 Minutes of Fame:  Any feral cats captured, spay/neutered and released will be fitted with a quick release collar for easy identification and will be featured on the Del Norte web page.


Your neighbors will thank you for your interest and support and so will the kitties.