"Sponsor a Feral Cat" Program

A Del Norte Success Story



Let’s start by saying “THANK YOU” to the following people:


Sweat Equity provided by: 

Mike Ambri, Steve Brown, Wendy Franz, Jodie Snyder, Rick Steiner and Bob Wirthlin                       

 $1297.00 in financial donations to AZCats provided by:

 James Burford, Susan Carrick, The Dendy’s , Deborah Dillon, Travis Edwards & Scott Merrill, The Evjen’s, John & Francis Eyrich, Dean Fenton, Joel Gillies, Barbara Gould, Bert Herrendorf, Amie Kafer, Robin & Greg Lansing, Doris McVey & Pat Poulson, Rick & Joyce McClary, Judy Mack, Jeanne & Abbas Mahammadian, Greg Meyer, Gary & Kim Moll ,Susan Pennington, Tom Remes, Tom Shafer, Dierdre Sparling, Rick Steiner,  John P. Villegas-Grubbs, Victoria Wallace and     Sharon Wood & John Rorquist

 More donations were forthcoming but were not required; instead, these sources may be “tapped into” if another initiative is required in Spring 2009.     

 DATELINE MARCH 1, 2008:  The Del Norte “Sponsor a Feral Cat” Program was launched with the distribution of flyers, collection of donations and an announcement on the Del Norte Website.

 GOAL:  To stabilize the colony of feral cats in Del Norte through the humane trapping, subsequent spay/neuter and release.

 DATELINE MARCH 7, 2008:  Media coverage on KPHO Channel 5 News of the Del Norte “Sponsor A Feral Cat” Program.

 RESULTS:  24 feral cats were humanely trapped on March 30th & April 1st and were delivered for spay/neuter procedures on the same days.  Specifically:



















 PHOTO GALLERY:  Photos of the program efforts here!