2022 Block Watch Grant Committee Reports

Taken from a post on Next Door Neighbor web site, est. November 17, 2022:

022 Block Watch Grant Update, submitted by Shannon Land, 2022 Grant Committee Signee

Hello Del Norte Place Neighbors,

We wanted to give you an update on the 2022 Block Watch Grant progress, and also give you some information about how the contract signees are required to function and report to the City of Phoenix:

The 2022 Block Watch Grant group has fulfilled the first portion of the grant which allocated funds to purchase the Meeting Owl device. The Owl was chosen so that we would have better audio for those that wish to attend the neighborhood meetings through video conference. We are currently working on setting up a testing session with the Owl at Phoenix College.

If you would like to learn more about the Owl Meeting device please check out their website at www.owllabs.com.

We have applied to reallocate the second portion of the 2022 BWG grant to solar motion sensor alley lights, as recommended by the Phoenix Police Department, instead of the funds being used for the APS Dusk to Dawn program.

We have been in discussions with the City for some time because of issues that have arisen with APS. Some neighbors are understandably reluctant to sign a 10 year contract. Other neighbors have tried to contact APS multiple times and have received no response due to staffing shortages. Other neighbors have lights that are on but have not had it show up on their bill, which means they cannot be reimbursed.

The 2022 BWG committee is currently in the process of testing these solar motion sensor lights within the alleys and will update you at a later time on the progress.

The 2022 Block Watch grant was awarded on behalf of Del Norte Place to contract signees and past board members Brian Wixom, Destyn Moreno and Shannon Land. We applied for the grant in December of 2021 and it was awarded in June of 2022. The money was funded in late September to a bank account that is shared jointly with the City of Phoenix.

We report quarterly to the City on our activity and expenditures and may be required by the City to submit additional reports for a period of two years after the grant cycle.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment or message Shannon directly by clicking on her name at the top of this post.

Your 2022 Block Watch Grant Group,

Brian Wixom
Shannon Land
Destyn Moreno