Block Watch Captain's Committee Report for 12-9-2022

Report pending final submittal from Sharon Torre who took the  minute notes...

The most recent Block Watch Captains Committee Meeting was held on Thursday, December 9th on the the outside porch of  Randy Schiller's home on Virginia Avenue. 


BW captains: Modena Watson, Jodie Snyder, Randy Schiller, Kelly Blake, Peter Conden, Mandel Moreno.
Phoenix Police CAO: Officer Benjamin Harris
2022 BW Grant Committee: Destyn Moreno
DNPNA officers: Tim Smith (President), Sharon Torre (Treasurer)

Discussion begain as usual with Officer Harris reporting on local level of crime activity.  In our area it has been pretty quiet.  We had an incident where a couple of homeless dudes had a shouting scuffle in the alley between Virginia and Wilshire at 15th avenue entrance, which quickly disappeared before police arrived.  

Officer Harris discussed different flashlight options he uses and recommends.  As part of our new Block Watch Grant Application for next year we included a request for money to purchase flashlights for BW captains.  However the grant restricted amount is only $25 per flashlight and a truly useful and effective light that Officer Harris had would run around $50.  We will continue to seek ways to cover these expenses and other community serving needs through various fund raising efforts, along with our establishing a non-profit status for our association.   

Officer Harris also discussed various ways that lighting around our homes can abate potential criminal activity.  As we know, criminals wish to hide in the dark for obvious reasons.  The better lighting we can offer for our homes will send these elements a message that we are keeping watch.  Up lighting trees in your yard adds an attractive visual along with providing added light to aid pedestrians traveling along the sidewalks. 

Destyn Moreno provided an update on our alley lighting efforts. The Block Watch Grant money procured from the approved 2022 grant initially was focused on overhead lighting that required a tedious long term contract with APS.  That situation was meeting some resistance, so a request to redirect that money toward solar alley lighting was made and approved by City of Phoenix BWG oversite committee.  Destyn showed us a sample light which was their selected choice from the options which the Del Norte Place BWG Committee considered.  A few have been installed for example in on alley walls behind the homes at 16th street and the adjoining alley between Wilshire Drive and Lewis Avenue.  

Submitted by Tim Smith