Pets On Parade...

Welcome to the neighborhood pets and owners appreciation page.... We wish to to recognize owners and their pets together with pictures and stories provided by the owners. We welcome your contribution and encourage you to reach out and let us publish pictures and your stories. We are looking for an editor for this page... until then, feel free to forward any email to

Pets provide support, loyalty and love to their owners who make the difference in building a community based on care and concern for fellow neighbors and their pets. There's even an element of safety that we could connect to our block watch as it relates to animal awareness of potential strangers or intruders. All owners are out there to keep their pets active and exercised. We salute you and your care to watch after your animals to keep the neighborhood and golf course policed. We also want to address the importance of dealing with stray animals as well, particularly the feral cat situation.

Colette and Camila with their 3 year old chihuahua Kevin.