On the Northeast Corner of Flower and 11th Avenue
Phoenix College Parking Lot Across the Street

Del Norte Place Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2022,

Phoenix College Willo Room - In Person and Virtual


Agenda Item

Action and Notes


Call to Order – Tim Smith

Land Acknowledgement

Introduction of Leaders

President – Tim Smith


Vice President – Heather Finden


Treasurer – Sharon Torre


Secretary – Michele Smith



Opening Statement from President – Tim Smith

New President welcomed all residents in Del Norte Place and emphasized that all business will be open and transparent. That starts with regular meetings announced ahead of time via the new and revamped website, along with emails and flyers. The website was featured on a large screen highlighting upcoming events, featured news, such as archives and welcome packets for new residents. The website is continually being updated and the President asked for any volunteers who would like to assist.

Recognition went to Ian Cleary and Joel Gillies who have shared their expertise and experience on web development and the beginnings of the original Del Norte site.

A steering committee has been established to review, renew, and update the Del Norte Association bylaws, which were originally written by the leadership committee in 1997. President stated the purpose for bylaws is consistent with any organized association whose objective is to establish effective guidelines for our Association in order to thrive and provide future leadership with normal succession protocols as it was originally intended. Among the highlights will be to establish yearly leadership elections, with the next election scheduled for the month of November of 2023 and the new term beginning January 1, 2024.

Block Watch Captains were recognized, and other committee opportunities were announced. These included, but are not exclusive to, Social Committee, Newsletter Committee, Water Conservation Committee, Street and Alley Cleanup Committee, Luminaria Committee, Block Watch Captain Committee, Grant Committee and Election & Bylaws Committee. Volunteers were asked to sign up. If you would like your name added to one of these committees, please let the President know.

The Block Watch Grant Committee is separate and apart from any other committee and its sole purpose is to write grants for the Association that will benefit the entire community. President stated that we can do a lot more with a grant to enhance not only the security of our neighborhood, but other things to enhance the quality of life for all residents. The 2023 Block Watch Grant Committee will be working on a new grant. The President will be the Lead for this committee. The new 2023 BW grant application can be submitted as early as Nov 1, with a Dec. 5th deadline.

All committee meetings will be set by the President and a lead chairperson for each committee will be assigned by the President.

Vice President – Heather Finden

Updates and announcements of upcoming events

VP thanked the staff of Phoenix College who helped approve and schedule Del Norte Place meetings for the next 16 months. The in kind meeting space from the college is worth over $7800, and the leadership is appreciative of their outreach to the community. All Association meetings will be held in the Willo Conference Room space.

The Neighborhood Yard Sale is set for Nov. 5, the same day as the Fairview Yard Sale. Volunteers and participants are asked to submit their names to the VP.

Luminaries will be sold the same day at 1617 W. Virginia Avenue. Each set will be sold for $8. Proceeds from the yard sale and luminarias will go for future neighborhood events. Luminaries will also be sold at the next Association meeting on Dec. 21.

The St. Mary’s Food Bank Drive will be held on Nov. 18. Boxes and bags will be distributed beforehand.

New residents to the neighborhood were advised that Halloween is a very busy holiday and residents should be prepared for a large turnout.

Del Norte News, the quarterly newsletter, will start again with the first issue appearing this fall. Please send photos, content, and articles to the VP.


Sharon Torre - Treasurer

Financial update

Treasurer reported we had $308 from luminaria sales and garage sales in 2021, and from recent donations collected at the ice cream social. $177 was spent for the ice cream social, which leaves a balance of $131.

Non-profit status will be set up for the Association. The Treasurer and President are working on getting that completed as soon as possible. Once finalized, a checking account in Del Norte Place Association’s name will be set up at Desert Financial Credit Union.

Michele Smith - Secretary

Thank you’ s - Website, Fairview Cleanup, and Ice Cream Social

Appreciation and recognition were given to the neighbors who have been working on these endeavors.

Announcement of additions to archives on website from Secretary

Additions to the archives will continue to be added to the website. Reworking the website has been a monumental task and takes time. As information is organized it will be added to the archives page on the website. If you have not received an email from the Association recently, please send an email to the secretary at michelesmith@delnorteplace.org and you will be added to the distribution list.


Questions and statements from attendees

In attendance – 20 in person, 6 virtual



Committee Meetings – Nov. 16

Next Full Neighborhood Meeting -

Dec. 21 - 6:30 PM