April 19, 2023 Del Norte Place Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Full official written minutes are here...

A few highlights: 

~ We addressed the safety of our sidewalks and offered a solution to fix and repair uneven concrete slabs that have been altered by time and nature (trees that have grown large, too close to the the sidewalks).  Unfortunately the City of Phoenix has moved away from this responsibility, which leaves property owners potentially liable for injuries from tripping over uneven sidewalks.  As your association leadership, we are looking into possible grant money to help, but for now it is up to each property owner to fix or make sure they have an adequate insurance  "umbrella" policy to protect themselves against any bodily harm claims that could arise.   

~ Officer Ben Harris, our Community Action Officer, was in attendance and was pleased to report that in the past 60 days there have been no incidents of crime in the neighborhood.  Our biggest problem appears to be the criminally bad golfers hitting errant hook shots off the 9th tee on the short course.  We are still looking for a solution to help our neighbors, beyond giving out golf lessons to these bad golfers. 

~ Speaking of golf, Save the Date: Saturday mid-morning, May 20th -
The Del Norte Place Neighborhood Invitational is our initial event to benefit the neighborhood and offer fun and games for all who want to attend.  It will be held on the Encanto Short 9 hole course and will be an easy 4 person team scramble format to help reduce stress... with many  fun options and details to come for both players and patrons who want to participate in other ways. The golf committee is seeking additional member involvement for the planning and recruiting of prize donations, etc.

~ The Updated Bylaws were presented and passed approval by an overwhelming majority vote from all members in attendance through the meeting protocols.  The exact count will be provided in the official minutes.  This is a living document that we will continue to refine as necessary to make sure it is considerate of all members.  Full Disclosure:  We do not live in an HOA neighborhood!!!!!!  So settle in and let's ride the wave of building a neighborhood that is rich in historical, not hysterical, pride and precedence. Thank you to all for your support.